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Friday 26th June

Friday 26th June 2020

Good Morning all,

Please keep sending us e-mails to let us know how you are getting on, we have thoroughly enjoyed the pictures we have received of you all enjoying your learning!

Remember that Ms O'keefe and I are always here if you need any support.

Please see Friday 26th June home learning - any attachments that you may need are at the bottom of the page. 


Today you are going to write the next part of the story from the plan that you created yesterday.

When you are writing, think about the following:
-write in the past tense -write in third person (Stella went ... they found ... etc.)

- Use paragraphs when you change scene or change time
- Use some of the words you have explored this week

- Include some Year 4 sentence types/ grammar skills that you have covered, e.g. fronted adverbials for where or when, or complex sentences with adverb starters (Carefully lowering himself down from the tree, Tom surveyed the uneven ground in front of him.)

-Include some dialogue between the characters. Make sure that you use inverted commas (speech marks) and other punctuation to indicate direct speech, e.g. “I wonder where Harry goes every time,” Tom said with a frown as he picked at the mound of grass with his trowel.

You could try showing characterisation through the use of description, action and dialogue, e.g. Tom stepped back and kicked the log in frustration. “Look,” said Stella firmly, “it’s no use making a fuss now. We’ll come back tomorrow.”

Remember to keep reading through your work to check it makes sense and to check for spelling and punctuation.

Comprehension/grammar: Writing past tense verbs

Maths: Mental tests.

Spellings: I have added the last spelling patterns to the bottom of the page.

Remember to check out Miss Dark's page for PE and Miss O'Keefe's page for Art tasks. Children should also continue to access TTRockstars each day and read for 15 minutes. 

Please look after yourselves and we look forward to hearing from you soon,

Mr Haworth.

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