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Our Learning

Friday 22.01.2021

Good morning everyone,

Hope you are all well.  Please make sure you take a photo of your work and email this to

Arithmetic Starter: Complete  questions on mathsbot today. Go for: questions: 12;  Difficulty: easy; The number is between: 0 - 100.  Let me know your score.

Guided Reading: In your CGP  SAT Buster Reading booklet, answer the word meaning questions on p40 about Baba Yaga. Mark  these with the answers attached below.

Spelling: Complete the spelling test for 'ation' words on  Spelling frame.

English: Let's edit and improve our report today. Watch the video to help you.

Maths: its Arithmetic Friday.  Complete the arithmetic test. Give yourself about  30 minutes and then mark them with answers below.

PSHRE: Today I would like you to think about how you cope with 'worries'.  Look at the sheet and jot down your ideas.  It's digitally fillable so you can type straight onto it. Try the balloon wellbeing activity on the childline website and watch your worries float away.


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