Overview of curriculum

At Primet, we aim to offer a curriculum that is rich and exciting.  We follow the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage  in Reception Class and the New Curriculum from Year One to Year Six. Teachers link together the skills and knowledge the pupils are required to learn into ‘themes’ or ‘topics’ which makes the learning more relevant and real for the children.  Topics include learning taken from the relevant curriculum but are tailored to reflect the needs and interests of each class.  For further information about the learning that is taking place in each class, visit the class pages where the teachers post the details of the current class topic.

Curriculum Grids

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Year 1 To Year 6 Curriculum Yearly Overview

Reception Curriculum Yearly Overview
Year 1 Maths Yearly Overview
Year 2 Maths Yearly Overview
Year 3 Maths Yearly Overview
Year 4 Maths Yearly Overview
Year 5 Maths Yearly Overview
Year 6 Maths Yearly Overview
RE Curriculum Overview
PSHCE Curriculum Overview

How do we Teach Your Child How to Read?

English and literacy is taught discretely every morning, with additional sessions for the teaching of phonics or grammar, punctuation and spelling.


Our aim is for the children to develop a love of reading as well as recognition of the vital role that reading takes in all their learning. When teaching reading we address two areas, the decoding of words and the comprehension of the text. Throughout school, reading is taught in a variety of ways – through listening to individual readers, guided reading groups, shared whole class reading and in all areas of the curriculum. In addition to this, children are encouraged to read at home and can select books for home reading from the levelled boxes and our school library.  We use Oxford Reading Tree as our reading scheme in school.


All children in KS1 receive daily phonics lessons in small ability groups based on the Letters and Sounds scheme of work. This is supported by the Lancashire Literacy Team’s schemes, ‘Fast Track Phonics’ and ‘Bounce Back Phonics’.


We are very lucky to have a bright and welcoming library which is well stocked with a wide variety of books. All classes have a timetabled slot throughout the week to explore, research and enhance their class based work. Children are also invited to take part in a lunchtime library club. Children are actively encouraged to use our junior librarian programme to borrow books for enjoyment at home.

Curriculum Policies

English Policy
Computing Policy Jan 2017

If you would like any further information regarding our curriculum please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Hortin (Headteacher)